Richie Quinn-Delewski

A founding member of the Pozz team and of the PwnZonez team before that, Richie (aka WhiteDeathRQD) remains the biggest inspiration for the entire team. Richie, despite living with cystic fibrosis, truly knew what it meant to live life to the fullest and to never let adversity keep him down. He packed more life into 23 years than the average person packs into a full lifetime.

In November of 2018, Richie passed away due to complications with his cystic fibrosis. Although he passed away before the recording of the first Pozz TV video, Richie will always be considered the most prominent member of our team. Richie worked on the PwnZonez website and created videos for the YouTube channel. Later, Richie played an important role in planning the launch of Pozz. We are deeply saddened that Richie didn't get to see the project launch, but we hope to make him proud with every video we produce.


Jon Jordan

Hi! My name is Jon (aka LIVE2SHANK or The Nintendo Beast) and I created Pozz, as well as PwnZonez before that. I met my good friend Richie Quinn-Delewski in 9th grade and discovered cystic fibrosis through him. It was around that time that I created PwnZonez and made supporting cystic fibrosis research part of the project's agenda. PwnZonez faded away, but Pozz was born in its place.

I'm an avid gamer and I love following the technological advancements in the industry. Generally I prefer campaign modes to online multiplayer because I enjoy games with captivating stories and immersive lore. With that said, my favorite games to play are pretty much anything Nintendo, so expect to see a lot of Switch videos from me as well as gameplay from retro consoles such as NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, and more. If I had to choose a favorite game, it would probably be a toss up between Animal Crossing and Sonic Adventure.  


Chase Curtis

My name is Chase and I'm probably the laziest guy you'll ever meet. In fact, I'm such a lazy bum that Jon is writing my bio for me. Jon is a great guy. Really just an all-around stand-up dude. Can't tell you how much I respect his character. Maybe someday soon, I'll stop procrastinating and actually write my own bio and you'll get the chance to actually know who I am and what this cause means to me... maybe.

I love video games. I play a lot on PC. I'm not totally sure what my favorite games are or anything like that. Jon doesn't know my specific gaming preferences, and therefore you won't either until I decide to get un-lazy and write my own bio. Did I mention this isn't even me writing this bio. It's still Jon. I'm surprised you're even still reading at this point. This has become an actual full length bio about literally nothing. You know me no more now than you did before reading this. Maybe I should get to working on my real bio. But will I? Stay tuned (probably not).

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